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Hassan Hicks

Sunglasses – prescription and non‑prescription

Sunglasses protect the eyes as well as providing comfortable relief from glare, they also look good.

Wearing sunglasses with a high quality lens can reduce the amount of harmful UV light entering the eyes. This can help to reduce a person's risk of developing macular degeneration. Sunglasses can also help to reduce glare for those who are light sensitive and particularly for patients developing cataracts where extreme glare can be debilitating.

We supply prescription lenses in most of our designer and non-designer ranges.

We advise on the best lenses for your needs and provide an excellent range of designer sunglasses from leading brands such as Maui Jim and Rodenstock including their 'Wimbledon' range. We also stock Porsche, Christian Dior, Nike and many more.

Our Maui Jim range comes with or without prescription lenses and in a range of Maui tints: Maui HT, Maui Rose and Neutral Grey.

All other ranges can be supplied with or without prescription lenses and in a range of tints.