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Spectacle lenses

There are THREE main categories of lenses:

  • Single vision - straightforward distance, reading prescriptions or specific working distances
  • Bifocal - which combine two prescriptions, such as distance and reading, intermediate and reading or distance and intermediate
  • Varifocal - for distance, intermediate and reading

Which format of lens will be right for you? This will depend on your optical needs and also to some degree your preference.

With more complex lenses — bifocal and varifocals — there are some people who get on better with bifocals whilst others are better suited to varifocals. We can advise and find the right solution for you.

We source all our lenses individually taking into account the exact type and prescription of the lens. We then choose the optimum material and manufacturing process and select the most appropriate manufacturer for the particular lens. This ensures the prescription is accurately dispensed whilst delivering the most aesthetically pleasing lens with the minimum lens thickness and weight.

Spectacle Lens Coatings

The coatings on lenses can help to deliver the best vision obtainable for an individual. These include hard coatings, multi anti reflection coatings as well as UV coatings. We can advise on which is most suitable for your prescription and for your particular needs. This is a rapidly evolving area of lens technology and constantly presenting new options for visual enhancement.

Spectacle Lens Tints

We provide a wide range of tints tailored to your needs including photochromatic lenses often known by the brand name 'Transitions' lenses; these are available in different colours including brown, grey and green. In addition, we can supply 'Standard Tints' and 'Graduated Tints', Polarising lenses and Sports Tints.

We can also source driving tints and specialised tints for specific visual tasks.

Lens Manufacturers

We source all our lenses from only the best manufacturers including Essilor (manufacturers of Varilux and Transitions lenses), Rodenstock (multi-focal progressive lenses and Colormatic lenses).

As independent opticians we are able to source numerous different lens types from our extensive range of suppliers.

Lens Materials

Our lenses are typically made from 1.5, 1.6, 1.67, 1.74, polycarbonate & trivex. The material used will, together with the prescription, determine the weight and overall thickness of the lens. We will advise on the most appropriate lens in each case to ensure the most attractive overall appearance.