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Hassan Hicks
Sight tests at Hassan Hicks

We provide a range of eye and sight tests and examinations designed both to find the correct prescription for spectacles or contact lenses and to pick up any developing eye conditions, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration as well as many others.

Eye examinations can often detect developing ocular conditions, sometimes long before they present any obvious symptoms to the patient. We can then refer the patient to the appropriate healthcare professional for further treatment, providing peace of mind as well as the best opportunity for a favourable outcome.

Regular eye tests are always beneficial especially if you begin to suffer from unusual headaches or experience any changes to your normal vision.

We are happy to issue and accept NHS Vouchers from those entitled to receive them.


We offer the following eye examinations and sight tests:

  • Private sight tests and examinations
  • Private consultations
  • NHS sight tests and examinations
  • Children's eye examinations
  • Visual Field testing
  • Fundus photography

We have two consulting rooms fully equipped with the best currently available diagnostic tools including a Fundus camera for examining the health of the eyes and a Humphries Visual Field Analyser that looks for signs of numerous ocular changes including glaucoma.